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Is it a change of lifestyle, a concept? Whatever you might want to call it, La DIFFERENCE is quite simply the answer to all our retirement dreams!

During our working lives, we all work hard and save for that day when we can finally and literally stop. Start the dream of beginning a new adventure, take it easy and enjoy life. Making the most of every day, with no hassle or stress. La Difference could possibly be the key to your solution.

Firstly, forget everything you have seen so far. Impersonal little flats, three story complexes, communal dining rooms, limited medical assistance, limited facilities.
Think about what you would would really like.

Secondly, forget about having to leave behind home ownership and the security that brings.
Think about being in your own home, able to decorate your home just how you would like: living in a home that looks and feels yours. 

La DIFFERENCE is a concept born of our own personal dreams and desires: "When I retire what do I want and what do I deserve?"

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Every La DIFFERENCE retirement site will be created by attaching a series of late life / retirement homes to a central complex. Each home is to be set in their own private garden (with garage if required). Whilst the central complex will be either in the form of  'gites'  or a hotel.

The concept has been purposefully designed to give a Country Club feel. La DIFFERENCE offering facilities and services you would expect in a 3* hotel. Most importantly also knowing there are also facilities and services that you can call. Services to provide you with all the care you might need over the years. Literally, extending your independant living, hopefully for life.


Firstly, each home will come with 24-hour on-site security, maintenance services, restaurant services, varying Own Home Services, Medical Assistance, a Home Owners only swimming pool.
In addition, Home Owners will have unrestricted access to the 'gite' or hotel complex providing facilities such as a Restaurant/Bar, Sports facilities, additional swimming pools, holiday accommodation for family and friends.

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As the years go by, we often have less courage to do chores. The housework, the washing, the ironing, mow the lawn, weed the garden, paint the front door, etc, etc.
This is where the Own Home services come in. All these chores can be done for you, while you relax by the pool, enjoy cycling or walking by the river, have a coffee or glass of wine with friends in the bar, order takeaway to be delivered from the complex restaurant?

In conclusion, we recognised that as time goes by things will change. People are trying to find a late life balance. What would I like, what must I have, and what will I need? A late life retirement package designed around independent living. Allowing owners to be totally independant at first but with the knowledge that they are backed up by a package that can provide dependant living when and if required. This is a concept that is at the very heart of La DIFFERENCE. You can choose what services you require, if and when you require them. It is the unique combination of the homes and the complex allows such a choice to function.

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Another important element is the feeling of community, of belonging. Part of the ongoing duty of every La Difference complex is to provide consistent opportunities for homeowners to come together and enjoy each others company. Strong communities provide a feeling of security and comfort. These are things we know are at the heart of every property search. 

Whether it be speciality evening meals, classes, golf or card tournaments. Whether it is easy access to the local amenities. Whether it is special trips to to museums, galleries. Whether it is live music or special lessons.
Each complex will endeavour to provide a good environment for communal entertainment.  

Every La DIFFERENCE build will be totally committed to reducing energy consumption and our range of bungalows have been specifically designed for easy living and reduced outgoings.

As an aside for ex-pats already living in Europe, retirement is often a worry. The large country house is too much work. Having to take the car to buy the bread. The worry of leaving the house empty when you travel to see the children. The thought of selling up and returning back to the UK to a 'home'.
Maybe, the independent living solution that La DIFFERENCE offers may be a real solution.


MOROCCO:  Morocco is well known to us as we have worked in the real estate market for many years. This confirmed the need to offer luxury retirement accommodation for  Northern Europeans.

We are negotiating an option on 12 hectares of land overlooking the Atlantic near ESSAOUIRA, with its airport and excellent motorway connections.The land has outline planning consent for a “medina” style village and a traditional Mediterranean retirement village.Once again, eco-bungalows with private terraces, some gardens and communal pool and facilities.

A second site is also under discussion, also close to ESSAOUIRA, for chalets and a motel.