Investment opportunities in Europe and North Africa

If you are considering investment opportunities throughout Europe and North Africa then Retire in Europe may be able to help. Either by offering you suitable investment properties, projects and land; or by putting you in touch with major investment programs that are looking for multilevel investers.

There exist various investment options at varying levels of investment.  From buy to let  on single apartments or villas there are a multitude of properties available throughout Europe in very lucrative locations.

And then there are the large Joint Venture projects with developers; golf complexes with surrounding community villas, retirement village options complete with central community hubs. Our twenty five year experience in the european property market means we usually are aware of significant ongoing projects in the region.

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Invest in Retirement

Some countries, such as France and Cyprus, offer significant tax advantages for investment in purpose built complexes and accommodation especially in the Late Life / Retirement field.

Bank interest is so low at present, that all offers are tempting. However, do not be swayed by exceptionally high returns as we have seen the fate of such projects in the past.

Retire in Europe are themselves involved in an emerging project called "Résidences La Difference". A portfolio of secure opportunities in different countries  based upon the concept of a central community hub surrounded by individual eco-bungalows designed for the late life / retirement client.

More information on the village concept and its clients can be found by visiting the Le Village page on this site.

However as an introduction level investment example for the retirement village, the purchase of an eco-bungalow could receive a 4.5% return on investment.

More importantly, the "Résidences La Difference" project is aiming to launch retirement villages in France, Spain, Portugal and Morocco in 2017 -18.   Whilst each retirement village will come with unique parts to its build, each village will be designed with the same important central concept. It is important to understand the concept and each villages potential clients. See Le Village

The "Résidences La Difference" project is presently looking for investments between 350 - 500,000€ to launch individual retirement villages: this investment is to cover the infrastructure, show-house and initial marketing.  Estimated returns on the Joint Venture investment have been calculated between 15 - 20% per year, with a 3 year pay-back. 

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